What’s Your Calling? Do You Know

Are you still searching for answers about why you were born? Fine yourself in the wrong relationship time after time? Can’t decide about a career path? Just not sure about what you want in life?  Perhaps inquiring into your Akashic Records may give you the insight you need.

Clients often ask me, “Frank, how are you able to listen to people’s problems all day long and not be affected?”  I usually explain that my work is my calling.   

 We all have a calling, I explain; we all have a mission or purpose that our soul has come into the world to accomplish and when we discover what this mission is and align our life with it, we find our true self.  When we find our true self, everything that we are searching for in our life—the love, the joy, the peace, the happiness—whatever is missing is found!

“It made me think that when I do ask God for something, he really hears me.” Y.B. 

 Finding our true self is really what our ultimate purpose for being alive is all about.  It’s the reason why I began teaching the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contain a recording of our soul’s journey through time. 

By learning how to access your Akashic Records you can review the events that have shaped your life from the moment of your soul’s creation.  Having such a deep understanding of yourself gives you a deeper knowing of your life’s purpose and a deeper relationship with the Divine.

It’s not unusual for people who first learn how to access their records to feel like they have finally returned home.

The Records are a valuable source of guidance for every area of your life:

 *Emotional/mental health                    

 * Physical Health
*Creative Projects





 By combining the Akashic Records with a clinical approach, I’ve had great success in helping my patients resolve many spiritual and psychological issues which I believe could not have been alleviated with just a clinical or psychological approach. 


“It made me think that when I do ask God for something, he really hears me.” Y.B. 

“I liked the fact that I can ask questions and know there are answers. It also helped to know I was going in the right direction. W.F. 

 “The insights gained through the intuitive process allowed me to feel more like it was a guided discovery or joint process to help uncover deeper feelings. I really didn’t understand the power behind the repressed feelings of rejection I had until today.” K. S.

“The process brought forth information that I really needed to hear about my

relationship with others. This really was an “Aha” moment, and so beautifully explained.  Things I had been feeling, but had been unable to put into words.” J.L. 


As human beings, we experience many different dimensions of consciousness; for example, different states of deep relaxation, hypnosis, dreaming.   

 The Akashic Records are another dimension of our consciousness that contain a recording of our soul’s journey through time. From the moment we were created and become a living soul, a record was and is being made of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

 If you have never heard of the Akashic Records, you may think the idea is simply nonsense. Yet from my experience and the experience of others worldwide who have learned to tap into this spiritual resource, I am convinced of its existence. 

Research by Quantum Physicists is also beginning to verify a field of invisible energy that pervades the universe. A good book worth reading on this subject if you have a scientific bent is Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral theory of Everything by Ervin Laszlo.


The Bible and other major religions also make mention of the Records in a number of scriptures:

You keep count of my wanderings, put my tears into Your flask, into your Record.—The Jewish Bible Tanakh Palms 56:8-9

.. .then I said, “Behold, Here I am, coming to do Your will, O God . . . [to fulfill] what is written of me in the volume of The Book.”—The Amplified Bible Psalm 40-7-8

“You had scrutinized my every action, all were recorded in your book, my days listed and determined, even before the first of them occurred.”—New Jerusalem bible Psalm 139:16


Many people think of the Akashic Records like a huge library that contains all the information of the universe. By accessing your records, you can look back over your life and gain insight into why and how you have become the person you are now.

Published by Dr. Frank Trupiano

I enjoy learning and working with all things metaphysical. I am also a student of nutrition and advert golfer and runner. My patients tell me I am very easy to talk to...

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