“I never please you no matter how much I try. Am I paying for your past life?”

Is  reincarnation real?  Do we keep coming back to experience life on planet earth?   And do the memories of those lives continue to impact us in our present life?  Today, there is mounting evidence for past lives  from (NDE’s) near death experiences, past life regression hypnotherapy sessions, and from stories by people living today who have memories of living a previous life. 

One area that hasn’t received much press is research about past lives in  the Akashic Records.  As a psychotherapist who explores the Akashic Records to help my clients gain insight into the causes and conditions of anxiety, depression, unmanageable anger, low self-esteem, and a host of other psychological issues, I’m often led to a past life in which the present condition originated.

Very often, when a cause can’t be found in person’s present life for some emotional or mental issue, it’s the result of a past life in which some of the energy of the person’s soul has been cut off or blocked and needs to  be reabsorbed.

Take Karen for example, she came to me with marital problems. When she was interviewed it was found that a large part of the conflict with her husband had to do with her obsessive compulsive and perfectionistic behavior.  She was always looking for what was wrong and wanted everything about her relationship to be perfect.  She knew this was a problem, but she didn’t understand how to change it.

By guiding Karen to open her akashic records, she discovered she had had a past life in which she had been shunned and labeled as  a witch and eventually burned at the stake for her beliefs. 

This experience had been so traumatic, it left an imprint on her soul manifesting as obsessive compulsive and perfectionistic tendencies in her current life.

In other words, Karen’s past life of being murdered for her beliefs made her hypercautious in her present life.  While not aware consciously of the reasons why, any mistake she made meant facing persecution which she feared and dreaded. To protect herself, she developed the need to be perfect so as not to be harmed.

This sounds wild, I know, and unbelievable. Yet,  while in her personal Akashic Records, Karen saw herself in a mid-evil town tied to a stake as people watched her burn to death.   She was able to experience the taunts and insults thrown at her from the crowd. In her records what she saw and felt was so real to her that it was impossible to deny. 

You could write off what Karen experienced as all imagination, but once she was  able to connect her symptoms to this event, she became more able to manage her perfectionist tendencies and her marital relationship improved.

Of course, there may be other reasons why a person has obsessive or perfectionistic tendencies; not all such traits are related to past lives.  When I and a client  consult their records, we’re looking for the causes and conditions of their problems and what can be done to resolve them. Sometimes, the issue is simply related to having a controlling mother or father who made the person fear making mistakes.

When people first hear that the Akashic Records can be used in therapy, many are fascinated by past lives and think that if they discover a past life behind their symptoms, they will be magically healed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  Clients still need to take self-responsibility and put in the work to create change.   

Karen’s case is just once example of how past lives can affect a current life situation.

The Records are a wonderful tool for self-transformation.  Yet after saying that, one shouldn’t throughout his or her comment sense and see a past life behind every problem.

For more information about Akashic Guided Therapy, you can contact me directly at 504-392-3498 or complete my contact form. Your questions and comments are welcomed.

Published by Dr. Frank Trupiano

I enjoy learning and working with all things metaphysical. I am also a student of nutrition and advert golfer and runner. My patients tell me I am very easy to talk to...

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