How I discovered the Akashic Records

by Dr. Frank Trupiano

We all have a calling in life. We all have a mission.

My clients often ask me “Frank, how are you able to listen to people’s problems all day long and not be affected?”  I usually explain that my work is my calling.      

You see I have worked as a psychotherapist in private practice for over twenty years now.   I have devoted my life to helping others and nothing thrills me more than to see one of my clients experience more happiness or resolve some personal or family problem.  

We all have a calling, I explain; we all have a mission or purpose that our soul has come into the world to accomplish and when we discover what that mission is and align our life with it, we find our true self.  When we find our true self, everything that we are searching for in our life—the love, the joy, the peace, the happiness—whatever is missing is found!

I believe finding our true self is really what our ultimate purpose for being alive is all about.  It’s the reason why I became a social worker and psychotherapist. It was my way of manifesting who I was supposed to be in this realm of reality. It’s also the reason I began teaching about the Akashic Records . 

I discovered the Akashic Records about five years ago while looking for a spiritual practice that I could use for myself and also that I could use  with my clients.    In my psychotherapy practice, I was seeing more and  more  clients who seemed to have everything going for them—good jobs, above average income, families who loved them—yet they were unhappy and felt alienated from life.  It was obvious to me that these clients were not suffering with a psychological disorder, but a spiritual problem, so I began to research how I could help them. 

There is a saying. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” As always, I had found a book.  It was called How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe and seemed to address the very problem I was observing in my clients.

I had never heard of the Akashic Records before and the idea that there was an actual recording of our soul’s journey through time from the moment of its conception was intriguing. So I read Linda Howe’s book and found The Sacred Pathways Prayer Process©  of connecting with the Akashic Record that she teaches amazingly easily to use.  

That was in 2011. Since then I have successfully used the Akashic Records in countless therapy sessions with my clients and have logged hundreds of hours in exploration of my own personal records.

Recognizing the tremendous value of the Akashic Records as a tool for personal development and change, I made a commitment to study the Records in depth and became a certified Teacher of how to read the Akashic Records through the Linda Howe Center.

The Records are truly an amazing resource for personal development. 

When you open the records there is always a feeling of deep love, compassion, and a sense that you are in the presence of the Divine.   The Records create a bridge from your normal everyday consciousness to your soul and toward Divine consciousness where infinite wisdom can be found.


By teaching my clients how to access their personal Akashic Records  and discover the events that have helped shaped their lives,  they have been able to gain insight to not only the causes and conditions of their present problems, but also understand that they are loved and supported and that there is a purpose behind everything that is happening to them.  That purpose if for them for them to become the person they were meant to be from the conception of their soul 

It’s not unusual for people who first learn how to access their records to feel like they have finally returned home.

I have always been a very spiritual person. As a six-year old, I had a near death experience. An injury to my right eye caused a sever hemorrhage and blood clot. To save my life doctors had to relieve the pressure the clot was causing.  While on the operating table, my heart stopped beating for three minutes. Fortunately, the doctors were able to restart my heart and remove the blood clot. When I look back, I know it was only by the grace of God that I am here today. 

From my own personal work in my Akashic Records, I learned that from a soul-level perspective, everything that happens in our life, no matter how painful or traumatic, happens to  us to help us become the person we are meant to be.  We are always on the right path, no matter how painful or confusion is may seem at the time

Almost dying at age six, as you might imagine, shaped my life in profound ways.  It made me deeply reflective and sensitive to the hurts of others.  But even more, it made me open to things spiritually and a seeker of the Truth.  

As a child I was raised Roman Catholic and attended a Roman Catholic grade school. While I have a great deal of respect for Catholicism and all religions for that matter, as an adult I found myself questioning my inherited beliefs. I always felt like something was missing.   So I looked for understanding in other faiths.  I became a Baptist then a Non-denominational-Pentecostal.  I studied Buddhism and Daoism. I also studied the Jewish Kabala.  I learned a great deal, but still I always felt like something was missing.

Eventually, in my attempt to help my clients, let me to led me to the Akashic Records and my own inner healing

Working in my own Records and receiving readings from other Akashic Record Practitioners, I came to learn that during those three minutes when my heart had stopped beating, I had crossed over to the other side.  It’s why I have always had an extraordinary love for things spiritual and have devoted my life to helping others in seeking the Truth.

What is unique about the Records is that they are not a religion.  They work regardless of the religious beliefs you hold.  They are self-empowering. They are a resource that the Creator has provided for you to give you guidance and direction for your life.

It makes sense to me that God would provide for such a resource. Think about it?   Why would the Creator of All That IS not provide for his children?   

We are living in times when more and more truth is being unveiled to us.  The Akashic Records were known thousands of years ago.  Throughout the ages, the Akashic Records were mainly accessed by saints and mystics.

Today, this amazing resource is available to the average person who is seeking knowledge.  God is truly doing a new work.

The Records have helped me to understand myself and the mission my soul has chosen for this lifetime. 

We all have a calling. We were all born with a particular purpose; a particular mission that our soul needs to achieve.  Perhaps you are seeking to know what your mission is or need guidance and direction in some area of your life. 

Whatever your needs are, if your heart is open to finding Truth; if you are a seeker and questioning; the Akashic Records are there waiting to reveal the answers.

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