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Have you searched for answers to long-standing personal relationship or mental and emotional issues, but still couldn’t find answers? Perhaps Akashic Guided Mentorship can help you find what you’re been looking for.

Hello, My name is Dr. Frank Trupiano. I am a trained Psychotherapist and a Certified Akashic Record Practitioner and Teacher. I continued to be amazed by the results my clients receive when I guide them in accessing their personal Akashic Records. It’s my hope that my blog may inspire more people to take advantage of learning how to utilize this most wonderful resource now available for personal growth and development.

Akashic Guided Mentorship. You are never alone.

Explore the Akasha

Many people think of the Akashic Records as a magnificent library containing all the information in the universe.

Two major areas to this Universal library are Your Personal Akashic Records and The Akasha at Large.

Your Personal Akashic Records contain every experience your soul has had since its inception, from the moment of creation.

The Akasha at Large contains all the knowledge and history of mankind since life on earth. Spiritual Psychologist Carl Jung referred to this area in his writings as the Collective Unconsciousness. Every invention, every piece of literature, art, and science is contain in these archives.

When you learn how to open the akasha, you can explore both of these areas.

While many people learn to read the Akashic records so they can resolve personal problems, many also use the records as inspiration for creating art and literature.

Discover Past Lives

Perhaps you have never considered you may have lived more than once. But the records indicate that we have. In fact, when you learn how to open your personal records you may find that something that happened in a past life may be causing your problems in this life.

Usually, you will not receive information about past lives in your records unless they can help you in your present life. At least, that has been my experienced when working in my own records and the records of my clients.

Online Counseling and Mentoring

Experience Healing

By learning how to access your Akashic Records you may find long standing problems resolve.

In up coming post, I will share with you the stories clients who have worked with me in the Akashic Records and who have experienced healing with Anxiety, depression, Codependency, Oppressive Compulsive behaviors, among others. I will also go into much more detail about what are the Akashic Records, the many ways you can access them, all the different topics you can explore, and how I use them in therapy.

“I am at my best as a therapist when I am closest to my inner, intuitive self. Then whatever I do seems to be full of healing.”

Carl Rogers, Founder Person Centered COUNSELING

Learn how to read your Akashic Records, receive one on one personal mentoring.

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